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The Revolution Starts Here!

September 4, 2009

This blog is going to catalogue the failures of SCEE. It will not bash Firmware Updates, nor will it turn into an EA style flame war. It has come to my attention that A: SCEE are royally screwing over their customers and B: the gaming news community doesn’t take notice or care.

So I am going to catalogue all the shortcomings, failings and general happenings of SCEE. Hopefully when all of it is in one place, they’ll see. They can moderate their blog, they can censor what they want to read, but the truth is, either a change occurs, or the dissent will turn into full on rebellion.

Inevitably I’ll get some flak for this, but I don’t care. I care about SCEE users (of which I am one) and I want equality. A trip to the USA store will show the divide. So for my inaugral post PSN Store Update 3/9/2009.

With the release of firmware 3.0 a much touted feature was Dynamic Themes. I don’t need to explain those. On Firmware release day, SCEA and SCEJ got a Dynamic theme, with SCEJ being a free download. SCEE hasn’t recieved one, yet saw fit to release BUrn Zombie Burn theme as a “Premium Theme” inevitably causing confusion. I can say that this is not a dynamic theme, so don’t bother. Buzz Junior is a shoddy attempt at a Wii style game. Good for the sprogs but not much else. A new Fight Night Round 4 demo- if you didn’t care after the first one, why would you care now? Though demoing a new control system could make more people buy it, so it’s even on that one. FEAR 2: Reborn; Good for people who own the game, but not a deal breaker by any stretch. Disgaea 2-Full DLC pack: at 39.99 that’s a new game on release day. I paid that for Batman: Arkham Asylum! If you’re really that desperate for it it’s a good buy but at that price, get the actual game. You’ll have change left over for dynamic themes and PS1 Classics. Oh wait…

Pain characters: Funny yeh, but they add very little to the game, worth it if you’re a heavy social player, and want a laugh. Beyond that, who cares.  High Velocity Bowling: never played this personally but at 79p for a single ball pattern, that seems extortionate. That’s a single song off iTunes which you can move to the PS3 and listen to in game. Hang on a minute…

Rock Band songs: I’m not inclined to comment on these. They’re usually the same across the consoles and regions, and there’s usually something for everyone. I will recommend Bat Country, if you have the skills, as it’s a face melter. The videos are nothing to write home about. Wet is fun to play, not watch and a Batman gadgets trailer? Anyone who’s played that has used them all already, and doesn’t need to be shown them. A trailer for Fast and Furious, a movie few people saw, got poorly reviwed and is more of the same as the other ones. A resounding meh. Some shoddy wallpapers (better ones can be found online, especially for Punisher).

PSP Store:  Again Rock Band songs (see above). A Badman demo, which has been available in the USA for a little while now.  Better late than never though, right? The big gripe. Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. At £23.99, that’s out and out gouging. Especially since a new copy is £3.05 on With a box, papery bits and a physical product. How is £23.99 a good deal?

So there’s the first post. Do please comment, tell me what works, what doesn’t and I’ll try to accomodate those things (as unlike SCEE I listen to the people who keep me going). Also I won’t post for every little bit of news, just Store Updates and official news/things I deem noteworthy. I check the blog everyday, so will usually be up to date.  Thanks for reading and remember: Make Some Noise, Make A Change!